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About Lucy-AI

Welcome to Lucy-AI

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Who we are:

We are a driven team of technology enthusiasts hailing from Harvard and Peking Universities. Our dream is to help students all across the world overcome hurdles in their English learning.

What we do:

We are building Lucy-AI: a machine-learning based, intelligent and interactive English teacher. We designed Lucy-AI to help students improve all facets of their English, from spoken communication to vocabulary and grammar training, to standardized test preparation.

Why it works:

Lucy-AI incorporates the most cutting-edge developments in natural language processing technology to understand both the English language as well as the English abilities of each and every student. Students are encouraged to exercise their English abilities with Lucy-AI, demonstrating their linguistic strengths and weaknesses. Upon building a comprehensive understanding of the student’s needs, Lucy-AI will develop a personalized learning plan to help students improve their abilities.

We invite new students to try Lucy-AI free of charge for one month.

How it works:

Lucy-AI encourages students to express their thoughts and feelings through spoken or written English. Lucy-AI will then analyze the student input, detect and correct grammatical and spelling errors, and build an understanding of areas which that student may need more development in. From this starting block, Lucy-AI will produce a targeted curriculum comprising of lessons and vocabulary and grammar-based practice problems to help students improve their demonstrated weaknesses. Students can continually study and practice with Lucy-AI and uncover more conceptual mistakes that were previously undetected. Students can also utilize Lucy-AI to study specifically for standardized exams such as the Gaokao.

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